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DNA lab provides a first-class diagnostic service to veterinarians throughout India. The service offers a wide range of veterinary testing, including hematology, serum biochemistry, microbiology, serology, histopathology and cytology, and molecular biology.

With the delivery of routine results available within a 24-hour period, the DNA lab team provides professional assistance in the management of an animal's health and well-being. Moreover, the results report includes interpretative comments to assist you in the caregiving process.

For further information on veterinary testing, please reach us on +918780736153 or email us.

Our Belief

Even a speechless creature of the god deserves a human touch for its health


DNA Lab is committed to provide best quality, timely, comprehensive and most accurate laboratory testing of animal specimens in the areas of clinical hematology & biochemistry, diagnostic cytology & histology, urinalysis, immunology, bacteriology and molecular biology. As part of this service, we also provide professional consultation for our laboratory results.


To provide quick, accurate & reliable disease diagnostic services
To provide diagnostic (routine as well as specialized) supports to all the veterinary segments
To bring awareness among the veterinary community on the importance of diagnosis-based treatment


Committed to providing the most accurate results and fastest turnaround time at the most competitive rates in the veterinary diagnostic field.


Professionally managed a dedicated team of Veterinary Pathologist, Microbiologist and Technicians working hard to achieve the values and commitment of DNA Lab.